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Did You Know?


“At first blush Internet placement services appear to be a great way to get your resume out into the market, and in front of those individuals doing the hiring. However, the reality is . . .


The companies that utilize internet placement services see literally thousands of these resumes on a monthly basis. They enter your name into their database, and then file your resume. Rarely does one of these resumes go beyond the data entry person.

The cruel reality is that only the best recruiters can ensure your resume will be seen by a hiring entity. The crueler reality is that once you place your resume on-line with an Internet placement service, no recruiter will work with you. 

Why?  By placing your resume on-line, your resume is immediately on file with thousands of companies, and with that you just cut every recruiter out of their commission. A hiring company only pays recruiters if the candidate has never before applied to that company. Thus any recruiter that would agree to work with you would have to work for free.

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