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Privacy Statement


The Rockford Business Group LLC is committed to protecting the privacy and security of the visitors to this website. Our goal is to provide you with an Internet experience that delivers the information, and service that is most relevant and helpful to you. In order to achieve this, The Rockford Business Group sometimes collects information during your visit to our website.


Privacy Policy


Only blinded statistical information about users (usage habits, demographics, etc.) may be shared with advertisers, marketing organizations, partners, etc.

Any personally identifiable information provided by a user (such as name, email or home addresses, phone numbers, resumes, etc.) will not be disclosed to anyone unless the user is first provided with the name of the individual and/or the name of the organization to which the information will be sent, and the user has indicated The Rockford Business Group may provide such information.

The only information we obtain about individual users to this website is information provided voluntarily by the user.

In cases where The Rockford Business Group may need personal information to provide users with customized information or services, users are explicitly asked for that information.

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