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Employer Services

ProFit Advantage

Hiring the wrong candidate can cost a company in time and money. We have developed a comprehensive profiling process called ProFit that helps ensure a “best fit” between candidate and the hiring company.


A successful search process does not just result in the placement of a candidate.  It means first and foremost the successful match of a candidate’s talents and strengths with the needs of the company.  Equally important is the allignment of the candidate’s career objectives and goals with the strategic direction of the hiring entity.  Ultimately, the candidate must fit the organization and the culture of the company.  Most candidates can present a good image.  Thus making an accurate assessment of a candidate based on a few hours of interviews pretty much hit and miss.  This is where our knowledge of the candidate can make the difference in your business.


Through our “ProFit” profiling process, we conduct an in-depth interview of each candidate, creating a fifty point profile of the candidate’s key attributes.  ProFit means you devote your valuable time to interviewing only top-level candidates possessing the attributes for which you are looking, and only those candidates that have the highest probability of success in your organization. 

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