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The ProFit Process


A successful search process does not just result in the placement of a candidate, It means first and foremost the successful match of a candidate’s talents and strengths with the needs of the company, and a match of the candidate’s objectives and goals with the strategic direction of the hiring entity.


Ultimately, however, the candidate must fit the organization and the culture of the company. This is where the Rockford Business Group can make the difference in your career. How many times have you been sent on an interview by a recruiter only to find out that the opportunity is not a good fit? At The Rockford Business Group we have developed a comprehensive profiling process called ProFit that helps ensure a “best fit” between candidate and the hiring company. ProFit means your valuable time is spent interviewing only for those opportunities where you have the highest probability of success, and with companies possessing the attributes you are seeking.


The First Step

At The Rockford Business Group we take the time to get to know you. Through our “ProFit” profiling process, we conduct an in depth interview of each candidate, creating a fifty point profile identifying your unique talents and strengths, understanding your career objectives, as well as your long term professional goals. Similarly we maintain an extensive profile database of growing companies that are looking to hire. In addition we develop an in-depth profile of each client and each position opening.


The Second Step

The second step in the process consists of a two-phase search of our extensive database. First we review our current list of open position profiles for a match. Next, we also search for growing companies that match your profile criteria. Any matches found between your profile and any of the open position profiles are presented to you immediately. At the same time we develop a blinded profile with your basic qualifications, and submit it to several of the growing companies that matched your criteria to see if we can generate interest. Those companies registering an interest are in turn presented to you for consideration as well.

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