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Employer Services

The Rockford Difference


At The Rockford Business Group we realize that you have numerous other recruiting vehicles from which to choose. Thus we know to be successful we must provide our Clients with superior service, and access to the best quality candidates available.  That’s why unlike most recruiters and certainly all web-based recruiting services, we go to great lengths to develop a relationship with our candidates long before they ever consider making a move.  Reason being, the resumes of the very best and most talented professionals never reach the street.  This means we can provide you with not only access to these talented professionals, but we can provide a level of insight into the individual that our competitors can't.

As a Client, you receive the benefit of our candidate database that has been compiled over a period of more than a decade, providing access to literally thousands of the most talented professionals in the industry.  In addition, our proprietary ProFit profiling process helps ensure a “best fit” between the candidate and your organization. 

Our first priority is to you our Client and the development of a long term relationship benefiting both organizations.  Our success is measured in the many valued Client relationships we have developed over the years. 

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